Saturday, October 6, 2018

Donation Instructions, Etc.....

There are now two different options for donating to this educational foundation:

·       Via the PayPal link on the right side of this website
·       By sending a check (including matching company donations) to our new post office box at:

The J.H. (Robby) Robinson Education Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 980
Dallas, Georgia 30132-9998

Our EIN number is 83-1813672 for your tax purposes (we are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization).

While our goal is $500 scholarships, we will accept smaller contributions which will grow with other donations towards scholarships, as well as paying various fees associated with managing the foundation, such as PayPal fees, ongoing filings, etc. As stated, we are working for free this year and our goal is to automate the foundation as much as possible to ensure transparency and that the absolute maximum of monies donated get to the hard-working students needing it. All startup costs have been paid out of pocket by our two board members and we will also pay all PayPal fees to ensure all donations go directly to students.

To date, we’ve accomplished a lot in a short period of time, such as the following:
·       Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws completed and submitted
·       Nonprofit status applied for and obtained
·       Website prototype completed (this isn’t the end product)
·       Domain name approved and paid for
·       Registered agent paid for and obtained
·       Opened bank account
·       Post office box paid for and keys picked up
·       501(c)(3) status applied for and obtained
·       PayPal code added to website and tested for online contributions

·       First board meeting completed

Still to do:
·       Upgrade website
·       Obtain business email address
·       Buy business cards
·       Communicate with colleges about foundation
·       Share information with family, friends, network

Thoughts, advice, criticisms?

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